Barry Blood – Killing Time

The second posthumous release on streaming platforms for multi-talented guitarist, composer and vocalist, Barry Blood, features power ballad ‘Killing Time’ from 1984, the grungy, rock workout ‘Mercy Mercy’ from 1976 and classical guitar solo ‘New Morning’ from 1982.

Barry Blood (1944-1989) played in numerous bands from 1962 including The Trixons, who supported the Beatles at The Pavillion Gardens, Buxton, 1963, and recording sessions in and around Manchester (The Factotums, The Cresters, TD Backus and The Powerhouse, Marty Wilde, Alvin Stardust) to his untimely passing in 1989.

His song Killing Time, a heartfelt soulful ballad featured on this release was recorded in October 1984 at Yellow 2 studios in Stockport, Manchester, and immediately snapped up for use in a string of episodes of BBC’s Eastenders to accompany a story line between landlord ‘Dirty Den’ and barmaid Angie Watts in 1985.

Mercy Mercy was recorded in 1976 and it’s raw, rock sound is common to The Blood Band recording’s of that era.

The bright and perky New Morning, a classical guitar solo piece scored in 1975 and recorded in 1982, shows Barry’s versatility on all guitar styles.