As lead creative I’m responsible for the UX, Art-Direction and Design of a Cloud-based Responsive IPTV web app that allows users to manage their in-home multi-platform TV viewing requirements on Set Top Box, Google TV, PC, Tablet, iOS and Android Smart-phones. The aim of the project is to see if its possible to build a HTML 5 reference platform using one code base following the maxim 'Author Once, Run Anywhere'.

You can view a selection of screens below...

Consistent UI across all platforms

Description; We are able to offer a seamless user-experience by having a consistent UI across all devices and platforms e.g. Set-Top-Box, Google TV, Web, Tablet and iOS and Android Smart-phones

Adaptable UI Using Media Queeries

By using Media queries the UI will respond to the available viewing area to tailor the experience accordingly. In this image the main navigation functions normally in landscape but when the device is rotated into portrait mode the main navigation becomes a Toggle mechanism which is much more suitable to the smart-phone in portrait mode.

HTML 5 v Native v Hybrid Functionaliity

We can choose to imitate native functionality where users might expect it. In this image using the smartphone in portrait mode means that secondary functionality can be placed behind a hidden, draggable window, so that the primary interface is not over crowded.

EPG on different devices

See slideshow or swipe to see images of the EPG on different devices

Smartphone Recordings

Viewers can manage their viewing requirements with their smartphones – View/Swipe through a selection of images below representing a viewers user-journey to find an episode of Dexter on their home network


Archive Flash Portfolio

And now for something completely different… an archive portfolio of flash design work for integrated digital agencies Dare, Iris, and more. Apologies in advance for any external links that may have broken. To view gallery Click Here